Scott A. Steadman

Continuing Education

Currently teaching myself docker.

My GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Server Fault pages.

Employment History

Geni, Inc. 10/06 - Present Senior Software Engineer, System Administrator
Working with a great team to create a genealogy/family social networking web site using Nginx, Unicorn, Rails, Memcache, Sweatshop, and Postgres.
Yammer, Inc. 09/08 - 08/10 Consultant
Collection Data Systems 03/04 - 10/06 Senior Software Engineer, Appliance Engineer & System Administrator
Worked with a team to migrate a legacy COBOL application to Java. Created network appliances to make it easier to deploy and maintain CDS software. Improved internal network security and manageability.
Warner Music Group 10/02 - 03/04 Senior Software Engineer
Participated in the architecture, design, and implementation of a hosted internal CMS service, written in Java, used by various labels to create web sites, and maintain and syndicate their related assets. This application ran on ATG Dynamo 6.0.
SeeBeyond 6/01 - 10/02 Senior Programmer
Participated in maintenance and development of SeeBeyond's core product, called eGate. eGate is an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) tool written in Java, C, and C++. Maintenance involved trouble-shooting and repair of bugs found by customers and the QA department. Development involved enhancing the product based on internal and external recommendations. Involved in architecture, design, and prototyping the repository for the next generation of eGate.
Codexa Corporation 5/99 - 5/01 Senior Programmer & System Administrator
Helped architect, design, develop and implement Codexa's real-time distributed financial information analysis system for greater Wall Street. This system utilizes the following Java based technologies: EJB and CORBA for distributed business logic; JNDI to access an object store which was used as short-term storage; JMS for communication between components; JDBC and SQL to access Sybase which was used as long-term storage; XML for configuration and data transfer; Swing, JNLP, HTML and XSL for client-side processing and user interface; Servlets for communication between client and server. The server-side components run on Sun-Sparc servers running Solaris and Linux. The client-side components run on Windows.
FastImage 3/97 - 1/00 Contract Web Programmer
First Quadrant 9/98 - 4/99 Contractor
CitySearch 8/98 - 8/98 Contract Programmer
SITA 6/94 - 8/98 Contract Programmer
Horizon 12/91 - 1/99 Contract Programmer
Help Desk Resources, Inc. 10/94 - 11/94 Contract Programmer
CompuLead Systems, Inc. 11/93 - 2/94 Contract Programmer
IBM Multimedia Education Lab 12/91 - 8/92 CO-OP
Willden Industries, Inc. 5/91 - 10/91 Contract Programmer
IBM Health Industry Marketing 6/87 - 8/91 CO-OP
Datalynx Technologies, Inc. 8/88 - 10/88 Contract Programmer

Personal Experience



Georgia Institute of Technology 9/93 Bachelor of Computer Engineering with Co-op.